The Most Unlikely Female Rapper Is Also A Womanizer

It’s hard to know where to start…Well, here it goes: Yung Daplord (oh my god) thinks she is The Weeknd on crack or something. Laughable lyrics coming out of any guy but, I’ll admit, there is a sweetness when heard from this face. Apparently she has a whole fucking discography of this bullshit. I’ll do this dishonor of displaying the chronology of horror:   (click at your own risk)

yung daplord if the only thing i do is die










^In this one, she talks about cocaine a lot…

yung daplord act10n tyc00n suit tie maple marble tile










^In this one, she talks about stage fright and quitting her job

yung daplord win slow










^In this one, she opens up about her obsession with pills

yung daplord this was why i did this










^In this one, she comes out clearly as a lesbian with her “Goddess Worship” diddy

yung daplord tha f the fuck










^In this single, she talks about getting caught with a man’s wife


yung daplord d3ath 3










^In this one, she talks about World Star Hip Hop



But after all the endless cringe-research I did on this All I could find OUT OF THE WHOLE INTERNET was this ONE CLIP. So… guys I really don’t know HOW legit this so-called RECORDING ARTIST from Martinez, California is.

But, without further a due, here is the ONE AND ONLY CLIP ON THE WHOLE INTERNET of Yung Daplord lol….pathetic


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As my uncle once said,
“Vantana Row is a two-piece chiptune band from the East Bay Area, known for their online sitcom, #iwriteforvantanarow program and physical sightings of their van driving through cities unannounced slapping soon-to-be-released material of theirs. Vantana Row’s simple roster includes Volly Blaze on lead vocals, Jamey Blaze on drums and vocals, and their sub-woofer on fire blast”

One of Vantana Row’s most stand-out qualities has been their constant ambition for capturing their day-to-day life on film, in the form of a sitcom. Featuring music videos, skits, and genuine candid moments with the band as well as friends and fans. The show airs Tuesdays at 2pm on youtube, though there have been rumors of the show moving to Hulu in the near future. Finishing the musicality of their friend’s songs is a large part of the band’s mentality. Their program entitled #iwriteforvantanarow encourages their community (both online and in-person) to submit unfinished lyrics, prized poetry, or soon-to-be songs to be made an official Vantana Row tune. All of this encourages a deeper purpose of unity with the phrase “Everyone is on Vantana Row.”


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